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Hair tearing time - fuse #2 short


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Somewhere in the course of replacing the window in the new 'vert, "something" happened and fuse #2 ("body" fuse and goes many places) blew. Was working before started so most likely in door but is hard to isolate (an open is much easier)

I replaced the fuse with an 1157 bulb which is glowing brightly so there is a short. Problem is isolating the circuit, GM seems to have eliminated most connectors.

According to the FSM, (page 8A-11-4) most circuits split first at S209 (shown to the right of the steering column 8a-201-13 fig A)and again at S311 (8A-201-14 fig A and which seems to require removal of the driver's seat) neither of which I have found yet but the next step seems to be to disconnect leads from the splice until the light goes out.

Does anyone have any suggestions - is there a common failure here ?

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No, not even damp. Was working before I took the door apart so am concentrating there.

BTW how do you get to the trunk key cylinder switch (thing the door falls off of) Doesn't appear to be accessible from inside the trunk.

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I sent you a lock repair kit and instructions were included.

You must remove tailight asm to get to 2 screws. You must also get to the lock to unplug the electrical connection. Unless you have arms the size of matchsticks, you must loosen the screws for the black plastic shield under the rear bumper, this allows it to move so you can unplug the connection and remove the lock assembly

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OK, back at the short: I tryed for C200 but is not where shown in the FSM, have touched it but is above everything and looks like the glove box would have to come out.

So back at the splice under the seat, once the seat is out, in what order do you need to disassemble the carpet/plastic to get at it ? Everything seems interlocked.

Everything so far has seemed very clean and neat, some amateur repairs and the add-on subscriber box but things come apart easily.

Given the sequence of events, it seems most likely that I damaged something in getting the window out, most likely when I removed the rear channel which did not want to come off the roller, but everything looks good.

If there was just a way to isolate the circuits, it would be easy but there does not seem to be any short of cutting wires.

Suggestions welcomed.

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And the culprit was (After disassembling the door. Again. And disconnecting every connector) the trunk light.

Remembered that I had the trunk open for quite a while replacing the window glass. I removed the bulb and the contacts did not look right (two contact bulb). Felt the harness and it was hard. All five wires were fused together clear down to where the line joined the main harness in the front of the trunk. In places the corregated sleeve was stuck to the wires.

Disconnected with dikes and my shorts light went out. So back to the recycling center to see if the one I got the glass from has an intact trunk lid harness (could make one but would rather have the right color code and a new trunk light socket).

Thanks to all how offered advice.

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Lets just say that all of the catalogs say the convertible trunk light is the same as my 88, a 1003, and it is really a 1004.

That is past, now I am trying to figure out the wiring. What is coming out of the body harness is five wires - Orange, Orange/Blk stripe, black loose and black/white stripe & black in their own wrapper. I thought the black/white stripe & black was for the trunk lights also blk/wht & blk. Wrong. Both seem to be about 10 ohms from ground.

FSM (90 FSM 8-A-134) does not show a black/white stripe. Nowhere nohow.

Near as I can tell, the blk/wht trunk light goes to the black loose lead (12v when the "trunk open" switch is made) and the other lead from the light goes to a ground which is not there.

The solenoid grounds through the trunk lid which does not seem to be well grounded so the plan for tonight is to to disconnect the new wires to the light and use one to provide a hard ground between the body and the lid as well as providing the ground lead for the light.

Two leads in sheath (blk/wht & blk) will be left open.

This is a pretty late car (July,1990) but apparently not late enough for the pulldown.

Anyone who has been there please advise.

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