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Backyard Buddy Hoist


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A lot of cheap crap out there which is not readily apparent until you see lifts side by side. Backyard Buddy seems to be a good lift. I personally have a rotary lift which is a smaller version of its commercial lifts. Do your research and make sure the lift has been certified. Try to look at some in person so you can getthe feel and look of a quality lift. I bought mine 5 years ago, but there was no comparison between the Rotary and the $1995 specials. The Rotary lift I know when I bought it was the only lift that could legally be used in a commercial application. Bendpak is another lift brand that looks good and has certification on their hobbyist lifts.

If you have the room, I would go with a used commercial lift.

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Guest Dave Mills

I have a Direct Lift. I looked at the Backyard Buddy and while I agree with "you get what you pay for", the lift I have has been working fine for me.

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