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Do we have any graphics folks here on the forum?

Tom Laferriere

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I am looking for a graphics person that can work with my logo and create a watermark from it which will be placed on all my photos programmatically. It may have to be embossed a little, transparent back ground, etc. Each photo of course is different in some form. My programmer continues to remind me that he is not a graphics person.

Contact me if interested.


Tom Laferriere

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If you simply have a quantity of photos you simply want to put your logo on, then I can help.

How many photos?

What size are the photos? (pixel dimensions ie. 1800*1200, etc.)

Can i see the watermark?

Where do you want the watermark? (center, corner, footer, etc.)

I can take a large group of photos (100 to 1000s) then batch apply a watermark in the same position on each photo (embossed, etc.).

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Hi Peter, Every photo on ebay has a watermark in the lower right corner. I am looking to do the same thing, only with my logo. I have 1000's of photos now and will be adding 1000's later. This is all for website only.

My problem which I need help with is I cant seem to convert my logo to a 'watermark' properly. Once I have my logo watermarked, I provide it to my webmaster and he writes a script that impregnates it on all past, present and future pictures uploaded to the server. Maybe the my logo watermarked may also need embossing??

I hope I described it well.

Thanks all,


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so you basically needs a tool to do the watermarking after you upload it to your web server?


Do you want someone to watermark them before you upload them to the server?


you simply need a logo that your programmer can apply to your photos... your current one isnt "watermark"able.

Does he have a mac or windows computer?

if its going to a website can i see the website?

what type of server is your website running on?

are you using any type of "gallery" software to manage your photos online?

send me the logo so i can see what can be done with it.

Feel free to email directly on this. petergariepy@gmail.com


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