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68 fury lll special order factory 440 4spd HP S Coup Vin PS23L8F


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I need help. Am trying to sell this car. It is a one owner car . special factory order 440 4spd HP stamped on engine, heavy duty rearend (44 dana I think) very rare with L in Vin PS23L8F-------. The problem is that the transmisson and Vin match (last 3#'s)and the motor doesn't. It is stamped with a # and a date of 1/24/1968. which was before it was purchased. the motor was rebuilt in 1992 and less than 200 miles. The block was not replaced. Any answers to this would help. I interested in car e-mail me. thanks apeman1975

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P: Fury

S: Special

23: 2 door hardtop (no door post)

L: 440-4 barrel HP (high performance)

8: 1968

F: Delaware Assembly Plant

The block could very well have been a factory replacement.

Contact my friend Galen Govier and he will possibly know a lot more about the car. He is a Chrysler product decoder for a living and he is at www.gvgovier.com and his business is called GTS. He helps Jay Leno with authenticating his cars. Tell him John Keiser steered you to him.

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