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Its Alive

Bill Stoneberg

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I am so happy this morning. After 30 years of sleeping in a barn we were able to get my Buick Wagon started and running last night. Of course like all good things it didn't come easy. The person who rebuilt the engine had the cam timing off, but once we found that it fired up and ran.<BR>Now to get the brakes and steering working and then I can try to drive the frame down the road.

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Bill,<P>I share in your joy, as I'm in the middle of the same process with my '42 Caddy limo. The car came home from the body shop this past Saturday with a fresh coat of black paint and looking spectacular. Sunday, we got it running for the first time in a good 12 years.<P>I also like the progress reports you've done on your web page. I'd do the same if I had the time!<P>Keep us all posted!<BR>Jeff

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