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1930 Chrysler 6 color


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I am having my 1930 Chrysler six four door sedan repainted. My body man has discovered dark blue paint on the doors and rear below the trim molding that runs all the way around the car. Not on the fenders, under the doors, or on top. Not sure about the hood he hasn't gotten that far yet. I thought the car was all black. Is this a legitiment color scheme. I have seen pictures of older Chryslers like this but no 1930. Any one have any ideas or pictures? He says he can come up with the color if his book goes back that far.

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I suggest the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. They have a website. Send them your car's serial number and $45.00 and they will send you a copy of the factory build sheet. It will tell you exactly what color your car was originally painted, the options it came with and other pertinent information. Once you get the info on the original color there are other places online to find the factory color scheme.

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