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For Sale 1950 Roadmaster 2 dr hardtop

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I'm selling my 1950 Roadmaster 2 dr hardtop to help pay for my daughter's last 2 years of college. It's a model 76R. It is a really nice car, better than a 10 footer but not a 100 point car by any means. Probably a real good #2 car. It is located in Dunedin Florida. Lamar almost bought her a few years ago - and he could give an honest opinion of her condition when he saw her. The price is $19,000 and worth every penny. If your looking for a sweet 50's Buick cruiser this one may be something that interests you. I'm going to try and attach a few pics, but I never seem to be able to accomplish this feat. Contact me at : snelson12@verizon.net and I'll send pics to you if it doesn't work. Thanks for your time - and "God Bless America".

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My suggestion, as you have gotten this far with your indicated "limited computer skills", is to type in a new thread, the parts you have, prices if you have some in mind, and your phone number. That way anyone viewing can call you if they are looking. Make sure you fill in the subject of the thread prefix "For Sale"

Your location would be a big help, especially if there are large and/or heavy parts. Mmake sure you have material and make arrangements for shipping and always indicate the price "plus shipping".

Good luck,


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