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I'm attempting to update the rubber seals on the top of my 65 Wildcat convertible but am having problems getting them to seal properly.

The header seal and the 2 front side seals seem to be the main problem.

The early 65 header seal was a straight piece that joined the 2 front side seals which curved around from the side to the front.

The revised version covers the whole front and curves around at the ends.

The problem I am having is getting the new front seal to fit in with the new side seals as well as the verticle door pillar seal.

Anyone done this recently and maybe have some good detailed photos they could send me.

As it is I cannot get a good enough seal to keep water from entering where the top of the door meets the roof and top of screen.

How far forward should the front of the hood reach......ie: how much of the stainless header trim should be showing?

Which company sells the best seals.


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I'd be interested as well. I installed all new seals and now have more leaks than I did before. The water just pours in above the front pillar seals.

Brian, I do know that both versions of the front header seal are available in reproduction.

I'd gladly purchase the header seal and front pillar seals again if someone can recommend the proper brand. (I bought mine off of an Ebay seller, I think they are Soff Seal, but am not sure)

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bhclark - is the water coming in from the top corners of the windshield where the pillars and top meet?

The factory seemed to use a lot of that dum dum putty around all the seal corners and where stainless trim was mounted. This is one of the things that a lot of people overlook when they restore a car, or just replace weatherstripping. My convertible leaked like a sieve(sp?) as soon as I installed new rubber on the top and on the A pillars. I removed everything and used a sealant in and under a many of the trim pieces AND under the new rubber pieces. It fixed the majority of my leaks. BUT you will be hard pressed to find a convertible that doesn't leak.

Also, if your header seal is leaking (driving down the road and it's raining on your lap), try tightening/adjusting the hooks that are on the top latches. Screw them in a turn or two until it's difficult to get the top latched. This will squeeze the top down harder onto the header seal.

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yes, mostly just from those corners. In the dark, I can shine a flashlight from above and see the light shining through. It looks like the side pilllar rubber should stick up higher than it does in order to solve the problem.....are you saying I should make the top seal stick farther down by "shimming" it from behind?

Thanks Adam! Any help would be appreciated!

Also, Just bought a '69 Electra 225 4 dr hardtop and need the rubber that mounts between the 2 windows, but haven't been able to find it. Can anyone give me a cross reference so that I can purchase the correct piece? Once I replace this, I think the car will be quieter than my "new" cars!


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I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one with this problem.

I ended up using the original style and am not happy with the end result. I used lots of sealant when installing all the compoments so the water can't get past the rubbers where they affix to the top.

The problem occurs at the A pillars like <span style="font-weight: bold">bhclark</span> described.

The revised version may have been the way to go as it looked like it would seal this area better but I could not get it to fit properly when fixing it to the top.

Also the Pillar rubber that has a triangle shaped end at the top seems to be a problem as it won't seat up against the top when it's locked ( there's a noticable gap) and as it clips/pins at the top there is not much if any room to make it sit up higher other than building it up with silicone/sealant to make it higher.

I guess I will have to pull it all off clean up all the sealant and start again with another set. At least it's summer here so I have some time up my sleeve smile.gif

If anyone has some ideas how to get the best result they would be appreciated.

All the adjustments detailed in the Manual have been tried so I think I will have to use some enginuity to make the seals meet more tightly at the corners.

All the best for the NEW YEAR everyone.

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