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Packard mystery truck

Peter P

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I have just acquired a 1929 or 1930/31 Packard with a straight 8 that seems to have been modified into a pick-up style truck (was used as an ambulance). I have very little information on it. I was hoping someone might be able to help me identify the year and model that this packard started its life as. The roof shows obvious signs of having been welded into the pick up style cab you see now.

The anti theft number on the firewall is: < 014170 >

The frame has part number *242464* just to the front of the firewall on the R/H frame rail and the steering column has part number *242842*

The Starter Motor has the model no. as DH685 & S/N:390483

The Generator is Type CL896 & S/N:9169

The Distributor is Model TEU with P/N; 10828 & S/N:928 (n I am assuming the distributor is the part sticking up from the top, middle of the motor?

I hope someone can help me ID the original year and model of this "truck" or pehaps you can advise me if there are several different year parts attached.


Peter P. (Canada)






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Would the 1929 6th series Standard 8 be a 633 model or a standard club sedan etc? If one looks closely at the rear lower half of the cab area it looks like a coupe body had it's trunk cut off.

This Packard is too far gone and too modified to restore. II am thinking of selling the engine and parts pllus the frame and using the cab only as a hotrod body. Beyond that I am not sure what to do at this point. I know I do not have the financial resources to restore a Packard.

Thanks for your replies Gentlemen.

Peter P.

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