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1950 Chiefton Steering Help


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I am new to this fourm... I usually work on vintage Mustangs, so I am reaching on this one.

I am trying to help the spouse of a customer of ours, that owns a '50 Chiefton.

The question I have is about the manual steering. I have replaced the idler arm and the outter tie rod ends. I feel the kings pins are in good order and turn freely and smoothly.

The problem is when I turn the wheels from right to left and back... they seem to be moving and catching and moving and catching etc. Like the box is binding. I do not have or found yet a service manual on servicing the box.

Is this box in need of "adjustment" or does this sound like it needs to be rebuilt.

Any suggestions and tips would be greatly apprecieated... Please send me an email if you can help.

Thank You for the space.


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there are three adjustments on the steering gear and they must be done in the proper order. the proceedure is too lengthy to put in here, so if you can't get hold of a service manual, let me know and i'll fax the pages to you, or mail copies.

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