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1930 Ford Model A Front Axle Installation Issue

rocky d

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hello to all..

i am new to this list and a AACA member.. can anyone tell me how the front axle on my 1930 Ford Model A roadster i am restoring is to be oriented... the top and bottom are obvious to me but the front and back are not and i dont want to install it backwards... also the large wish bone which attaches to the perch mountings and center of the vehicle has an up and down and i am not certain of it's orientation either(i should have taken pictures before i disassembled it but didn't....) thanks so much ...rocky d

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Guest Bob Call


There is no front or back to the axle. The wishbone does have a top and bottom. The cast portion a the rear with the ball is rounded and smooth on one side and has indentations on the other side. The smooth side is the top and the indented side is the bottom.

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As stated they have no front and back, but they do need to be check for straightness. I have a web page showing some home made tools I made up. You can do and eyeball check on the center lines of all 4 holes, but you need a straight edge long enough.

Straightening the Early Ford Front Axles

There is a forum where you will find a higher density of Model A folks:


Do not forget that your radius wishbone ball must be round and fit tight. If you have the rubber ball you should go back to original. A wishbone ball fix can be as easy as some washers beat to fit the round shape.

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