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Selling My Beloved 1988 Reatta

Guest wgwollet

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Guest wgwollet

Sorry, at this time I can't load pictures......I will soon, plus I can't use Rawa sell it post.....

Just to give heads up on what I got...

One owner, yes 1 owner, bought new by my uncle in Tucson, AZ at Royal Buick on 4/1988. Car is Red, Tan leather, no sun roof, no rust ever, 126,000 miles, new tires, new battrey, many new parts from GM over the years, car was babied, I have at least 5 inches of paper work, Uncle Ed passed away last year and I drove the car to Chicago, IL, its in a heated garage. Interior is a 9 out of 10...always garaged never left in sun. Paint is orginal never damaged in anyway..

It needs a new head liner, a person here in Chiacgo that is very good with custom street rods priced me $300 to replace to specs. It needs new power window motor on passenger side.

That's it........car runs like new, many, many service work by Royal Buick even simple oil changes...

I must sell, too many vehicles, I hate too, I have a heated garage with floor heat...I bought this car because it was my uncles, I like Reatta's but not much resell.

I paid $3,000 for the car and added tires and battery. I need $2,700 FIRM for it..times are tough for people , but $2,700

is not alot of money today for a great car and I would keep it but 2 things hurt a car....1) not driven the car 2) improper storage and I will not compromise on that.

call me at 317-416-9350 or wgwollet@aol.com

thanks for your time Bill

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Hi Bill!

Sorry to hear you're ready to let your Uncle's Ratta go, wish I had the cash to acquire it myself but, all I have to offer would be other cars, ('91 Stealth R/T-3000GT 5speed), since I have 28 cars/trucks/antiques-projects out behind the barn. Everything from Mustang to Porsche, a few 60's, 70's, 80's, and trucks from 1950-53. Including '66 225 with 401 nailhead.

My bride will flip if I <invest> in yet another Reatta right now, as I currntly hold 8 of them, with only 1 running/driving (Black Beauty, my '91 convertible-show car).

I can do your headliner for $125, as I have spare headliner shells on hand. I'm loated just 5 miles north of Antioch, IL in Salem, WI. A mere hour's trip from O'Hare. Feel free to call me on my cell phone 262-620-1829.


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Guest wgwollet

Thanks Randy, wow you have alot of cars, I will contact you for headliner......Mine just came losse from the shell, when you have spare you mean you load another in? I didn't hear from anybody yet?

Also you said Porsche? what years?

Didn't you have a fall picnic up your place a few yaers ago?

Are you having another?


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I am kinda interested too. I have been driving an 89 Reatta beater for the last year, and it has grown on me. If I can sell the 89, I wouldnt mind stepping up to a cleaner car.

Your Private Message box is filled up. I will PM you my email for pictures....

I am on the north side of Chicago, near irving park rd...

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When you click on "Reply" or "New Post" You'll see the box that you normally type in whatever you want to say. Under that box you will find the words File Manager . Left click those words.

Another box will pop up.

In the box under the words:

"File Caption:(255 characters max.)" Type in the caption you want to accompany the photo.

Then, to add the photo (jpeg. image) left click the "Browse" button. The "Choose File" box will pop up. Left click the "Look in" down arrow for the drop down menu to locate the location of your image. If it's in a folder double click it to open it. Once you've located the image, left click it to select it. The name of the image will now appear in the "File name" box. Left click the "Open" button.

You will be automatically taken back to the "File Manager" box and the path to your image will be listed in the box next to the "Browse" button.

Next to the "Browse" button is the "Add file" button. Left click it and you will see two arrows that form a circle appear to the right of the "Add file" button. When the arrows disappear, your image will have been added to your post. That's it!!! You can do this for a total of five images (files). When you're done loading images, left click the "Done adding Files" button.

And post!

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