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History of Buick Car Club award winners


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Hi, i am wanting to research awards won by particular cars (or owners.

My father-in-law recently pssed away and he has a few older cars, which i believe that he exhibited in some of the national Buick shows and might have won some awards.

Was wanting to attempt a collection of that information for my mother-in-law, so she can keep it with the cars (if she decides to sell them).


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dadnoz</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks, his name is David Crow and i can get his number if you need it.

The cars i am wanting to check would be a 41 Buick Special convertible and a 64 Riviera.

Thanks again! </div></div>

That makes it easy, Upper Sandusky, OH, I think he helped JB with the 1999 BCA Nats in Columbus, in fact, I know he did. BCA# 01178 '36 66C, '41 56C, and '64 Riv according to the BCA Roster 2008.

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I show a 1964 Riviera owned by David Crow won a BCA Gold and Senior award in 1989 in Batavia, NY. The '64 Riviera and a 1936 Century Convertible were displayed by David Crow in 1999 in Columbus, OH. The Riviera and a 1941 Super Convertible were displayed by David Crow in 2001 in Buffalo, NY.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Dadnoz:

I was sorry to see that your father-in-law David Crow has passed away. As a longtime BCA member, I met him at several BCA nationals, notably Sandusky in 1981 and Chicago 1980.

A great guy, fondly remembered. Special condolences to your wife. I seem to remember her riding in one of his cars at one of those Nationals.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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If the 64 Riviera is a red one, he won a National 1st at the first BCA national meet in Batavia NY. I know cause he beat my 63 Riviera by 3 points! But we were always friends and he deserved it. I believe he bought the 64 in California while on a visit and drove it back to Ohio!

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