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16V Oil filler cap Seal

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Ok all you that have the 16v and need a new seal on the oil filler cap. I found them. The ones I ordered came today. They are exact in every detail, in fact the same as Maserati used on the BiTurbo. Order from MIE (Maserati Club International) or send me $6.25 and I'll send you one of mine. I ordered 6, and want to keep 2; so I'll sell 4..

MIE Corp.

1620 Industry Dr.

Auburn WA 98001


part # MIE000486, Oil Filler Cap Seal, $5.67 ea.

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That's it Y'All.

3 to Alan, 1 to Hemi, Leaves 2 for me..


Just so you know, and if anyone orders them, you don't think the price is different. they were $5.67 ea. + $6.80 shipping = $6.80 ea. actual cost. lz

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