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Gas Gauge repair


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The pewter gears on my gas gauge were all ate up.. They were 90 deg. Bevel Gears.. one is 20 tooth and one is 10 tooth..

I was in a hobby store and noticed replacement gear sets for the differential in those battery powered race cars..Would you believe they are the right gear! $3.50 and there are 2 of the 20 tooth and 4 of the 10 tooth in the set..

I silver soldered the 20 tooth gear to the brass rod from the cork float.. The bore was too large so I made bushings from brass rod on the lathe.. works great..

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For those of you who are wondering where to find these gears if you don't have a hobby shop worth a darn around your area you can get these from Tower Hobbies (Hobbico) online. I have been into Nitro-Methane R/C cars for a while now and this place offers a lot of parts.

Here's a link for the gear set for less than $4.00 from Tower- http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0095P?FVSEARCH=DTXC4137&search=Go

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