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Radiator shell flappers ?

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Last one for tonight. Looking for info and pictures of this area. Linkages and all related hardware. We have the shell all rechromed,the chrome parts for the flappers redone,new stainless tips for the flappers,the black areas redone and we believe to be the last set of chrome trim on the flappers. Now just need to assemble it all! This thing is like a big puzzle without pictures! Thanks to you guys we have been able to get to were we are at now!


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The thermostat unit that works the louvers is still available:

C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\My Documents\31 Buick\SHUTTER THERMOSTAT.mht

You may want to just put a chrome screen in front of your radiator and use a standard thermostat to run your car until you get the louvers put together.

I will post some close-up photos later.


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