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Pictures needed of the carb on a 57S

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Looking for any and all info on a marvel carb. The customer is suppose to be getting a kit to have it rebuilt. He had the part that always cracks welded up. We need pictures of the whole set up. Linkages,choke that sot of stuff.



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The 1932 Buick Reference book is a must, but I guess you don't have it?

Also try locating "Marvel Carbureters, Design, Operation, Priciples of Heat Control" (I only have a bad copy of one page, sorry).

I made 3 scans of the Referance Book p 25, 26 and 27, hope you find it useful.

Your 1932 57S should have part no. 10-264 on the Carb. body and it's different from model 60, 80 and 90.




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