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Dynaflow leak question


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I've searched the past discussions - have a more specific leak question. Our '49 Roadmaster dynaflow leaks out the rear bearing retainer housing. Fluid builds up back here and leaks out the speedometer drive, also the upper housing bolts. We miraculously managed to stop all this fluid from flowing down the torque tube and also the torque ball, now it just fills up the entire rear housing.

I have no knowledge of what work has been done on this Dynaflow. Is there supposed to be a drainback feature from this housing back into the main transmission body, or is there supposed to be a seal to keep fluid from getting into this rear housing?

We also experience the once-in-a-while 'dump' of a quart or more fluid onto the floor - can happen any time. Perhaps this is the torque converter draining for some reason. I will feel a lot better if we can solve the rear bearing retainer housing problem.

Any ideas?

Tom Ramsussen

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Thanks Leif - but the leak is forwad of that seal. We have no leak at the torque ball, no leakage into the torque tube, because this seal AG is good. The housing - BC - is filling up and leaking out the speedometer cable at - J - and other areas of this housing. It's filling up with fluid. It seems it should have a drain to flow back to the main transmission. Does it? Perhaps the last guy hand cut a gasket and did not open a drain-back hole? Anyone know someone who has rebuilt a lot of dynaflows?

Tom Rasmussen

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It sounds like a couple of things could be causing the leak. The "D" gasket could be the cause, but it looks like there is no drainback hole, but there could be.

I lean toward the next cause, a blocked up breather vent causing alot of turbulence and finding any way to leak.

I will look at my motors transmission manual for possible causes.

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Guest Conny Hollgren

I think the problem might be the rear oilpump,incorrectly installed pump-gasket or lose bolts.I don`t know for sure, but it`s possible.//Conny.

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