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F/S 40s/50s Ford Boat Tailed Speedster Vintage Racer LOOK!

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Up for sale for $13,900 is my late 40s or early 50s lead sled/Watkins

Glen Glenn Type Boat Tailed Speedster Racer. Built by a physicians family in Geneva,N.Y. The car has not been researched and might have a rich,and thus valuable,history.Someone needs to take the time to get a Geneva N.Y. newspaper article written about it to find the builders,put it out on the net,the Jalopy Journal HAMB H.A.M.B. or Rodders Journal website,etc. Mid to late 30s Ford V8 drivetrain.Steel body,all handmade out of parts from other cars. A superb example of post war,first generation sports car,rod artwork.Pre George Barris look. Kind of looks like a post war Ferrari or a crude

version of the Duesenberg Mormon Meteor! Would look totally cool with Buffalo or Dayton knockoff wire wheels,and engine motor speed equipment,such as Halibrand,Offenhauser,Offy,Frontenac,Fronty,Miller,Crager,Hillegass,Dreyer,etc. Totally cooler than a Midget,Sprint or Indy race car or racer. Probably built for vintage racing like W.G., Line Rock,Leguna Seca,SCCA,Still stored in Upstate N.Y.,at Newark,N.Y.

Can probably be driven in this original condition. I bought with the idea to go vintage racing with it. However several months ago,I bought three 30s sprint cars,and decide to race them instead. Selling because I need the space. DO NOT buy this car unless you are going to take car of it!! Can assist with booking shipping. The above is what is basically known about the car. 12 photos of the car available from me at my email address.Any questions Email me at gnalbright@gmail.com. Car must be fully paid for within 7 days of purchase,and removed in 30 days thereafter. Geood Luck! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624.






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