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1989 Buick Lesabre Digital Climate control Heater computer out


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First, is the control on the dash the problem or the unit under the dash that changes the heat mixing thing?

I had a 1999 Regal that the readout on the dash control went blank and found a fellow on Ebay that repaired them for about $40 plus shipping.

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Check this link to Ebay for parts


For some reason the above does not want to work as a click on link.

Go to Ebay and type in Buick heater control and you will get a bunch of choices.

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Well, what it is, is the black box computer control thing that is not operating right, it works fine and is bright but, when you switch from air to heat it locks up the air duct to one or the other and will not switch it back.

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I never disassembled the version you have, but I do know that the unit used later (on Reatta and Riviera) have the same problem.

On this unit you can disassemble the unit and behind the push buttons is a rubber button that makes contact with a circuit board. The contact point gets dirty and quits working.

On the Reatta/Riviera unit, the rubber buttons are all molded out of one piece of material then heat staked to the PC board....making it next to impossible to reassemble.

We carefully lift the plastic away from the PC board, just enough to spray contact cleaner in the crack....do this around the perimeter. Then work all the buttons to clean the contact.

See picture below...... bottom part is the PC board and the grey projections are the contacts. The black part holds the grey part against the PC board..... you need to work between the grey part and the PC board

I recently started inserting a piece of paper between the two parts (about 1/2 in wide) and saturated that with contact cleaner...work it under each button...one at a time

push down on the button and pull the paper....this wipes the contact area. When you finish, wipe up the excess contact cleaner from the unit.

I have done several and 100% success, but have no idea how long they will work before you have problems again.


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