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1940 Lincoln Columbia rear end.

prof pat

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I think what Helsmville is referring to is the spider gear carrier. That has been the weak part of the Columbia axle because it's too thin to withstand rough treatment. The "fix" is to install a band around the spider carrier housing to strenghten it. The problem is that there is minimal clearance in that area. In overdrive, the spider carrier turns faster than the surrounding parts. "Dumping" the clutch in the overdrive mode can result in expanding the carrier until it always turns with its surrounding parts, thus no more overdrive.

Take a look at the attached Columbia cross section and you can see the spider carrier and its close proximity to the other rotating parts.

There is a Webshots photo album of the Columbia installation in my 1939 Lincoln Zephyr at: http://community.webshots.com/album/535592120cTKtFX


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