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Camp Kitchen or Car Kitchen


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I was hoping that someone keenly able to identify so many things on this forum would be able to help me with this item.

We purchased it at a swap meet thinking it would be neat to put in the trunk of the Cadillac as a conversation piece. When I got home I decided to do some research on it but I cannot find any information or anything that even resembles it. I am not sure what to call it even.

It is metal, the inside has leather straps to hold dishes and utensils, there are two metal canisters (coffee and tea), and the left side opens to reveal 2 shelves for storage. The back center is storage for the grill.

The grill unfolds to an oven and 2 burners. It has a gas box attached to the back on a pipe. It has 4 legs that attach to the bottom but were not on in the picture.

There are no identifying features on it as far as a brand or a year.

If anyone can help me out that would be great!





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I cannot tell you who made it but you are correct it is a camp kitchen. I have been in Scouts for 55 years and gone through many of these. Some were commercial and some were home made. It would be a great conversation piece and ideal for someone who does vintage camping. I believe a similar unit was at the Model T meet in Ind. this summer.


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