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What's with the Select 60????


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I posted this in the Reatta section, and Barney suggested I ask it to you guys as none of us "down there" know the answer:

I know that the Select 60 was a Reatta coupe in '88 and a Reatta convertible in '90.

What car(s) were awarded as Select 60 prizes in 1989 and '91?

Also, how did they determine the top 60 dealers? Was it volume or CSI scores, or something else?

Was the car a "gift" or did the dealer have to pay for it?

Just curious.

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I know we have lots of GM/Buick employees on this site, can anyone tell us the criteria for selecting the "Select Sixty Buick Dealers"?

When did the program start and how long did it last?

And as Roger ask....what other models of Buick were "awarded" to the dealers during those years?

Were there other "special" cars like the 1990 Reatta convertible?

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This is a little plaque that belonged to a guy in Buick engineering that I know.It,s 4'' long. When he retired he was president of GM. I guess he never used it.


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