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WTB-Sell Packard V8 cams and cores


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Guest imported_Speedster


How are the cam-lobes built up to original height and shape? Is there a New 'Magic' way of doing it these days? laugh.gif

I've heard about some new electroplating processes, is that how it's done?

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A normal automotive camshaft re-grind has to start with a good core cam, because very little material is removed, and while the finished cam is slightly smaller overall, the original valve lift and duration is maintained. Hydraulic lifters have sufficient travel to compensate for the slight reduction in base-circle diameter.

Also, when an engine is completely rebuilt, the heads and block are decked and this shortening of the height returns the original cam-to-rocker centerline dimension back to where it was originally.

Your question may be directed at cams too worn to be reground. There is no magic way of electroplating. Cam lobes worn flat have to be spray-welded and that is expensive and time-consuming. The only reason it would be done is if there were no regrindable cam cores.

thnx, jack vines

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Guest imported_Speedster

Thanks for the Info, Jack

Just checking if there was something new, I had not heard about.

I've seen the Spray-welding companies, with websites on Internet. They also repair and restore Jet-engine parts.

That really does look like 'Magic'. laugh.gif

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