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WTB - Windshield Wiper Motor For 61 Electra 225


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I need to purchase a 2-speed windshield wiper motor for my 61 Electra 225. I believe any from a large 61 Buick will work. This is 'unavailable' through auto parts outlets. New or used, as long as it works. Heck, I'd even consider one that didn't work at this time. Maybe I can piece one together from two broken ones. Thanks.

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When I first got it, the wipers would not shut off. Ignition on, wipers on. I hooked up a toggle switch under the dash to shut them off. I replaced the wiper switch. No difference. I took it apart and cleaned it. It worked fine for about 6 months, then just stopped in the middle of a cycle. Nothing. The wiper blades were stopped pointing straight up. I took it to a motor shop and they rebuilt the motor, but in doing so, disassembled the insides and did not get them together right. They said I had a broken wire in the armature. When I hooked it up it wanted to run but couldn't because the insides were wrong. I took it apart a second time to get the insides straight and now it won't run. I don't know if I broke it when I took it apart or what. The manual has trouble shooting guides that point to a broken relay inside the motor. I'm just fed up with it and I'm not taking it back to the motor shop. Thanks to a tip from Pete Phillips, I found a used one at a salvage yard about 50 miles from here. I'm picking it up this Saturday. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will work. If not, maybe I can make one good one from two bad ones.

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