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My Crosley Woodie is now F/S on Ebay Buy It Now for only $6,900!

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You have a unique Crosley and it will take just the right buyer. If you really don't have room for it and with the economy in the dumpster you may have to cut a lot deeper. Last year after trying to sell a truck for several months I listed it on eBay way below what it was worth. I had tried selling it in several other places for less than 1/2 what it's blue book was with no real interest. It actually sold on eBay for $800 more than the low end of what I was asking for it locally. Still was a fraction of what it was worth, but in the end it is worth what the buyer will pay. The buyer was happy and it was out of my way.

I saw your car years ago when it was shown at the Crosley Nationals.

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