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odd 40's Fargo truck -help identify please


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I just bought a 46-47 Fargo one and a half ton cab and chassis dual wheel truck.Looks like a regular model except......

It has full length runningboards that are definitely original.They have the factory brackets rivited to the frame,and go from front to rear.The truck has no deck or box mounted.Nothing modified or added on.Factory rivits holding the brackets to the frame.3 brackets per side instead of 2.

I have seen lots of these trucks,and all have the short-cab length only runningboards.

What would a 1 1/2 ton dually need long runningboards for?Was it a dually pickup? I see mention of a 1 1/2 ton pickup in Don Bunn's Dodge Truck History and Restoration Guide.Could this be waht I have????

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The truck is an FL3-35 model,and VIN is 9571xxx.I looked closer at it,and think it may actually be a 41 since it has the chrome bars on the lower grilles,which I believe did not return in post war trucks.I see in the Don Bunn hardcover book about Dodge trucks 1918-1996,they show a late 30's 1 1/2 ton pickup with duals,and show a couple 50's dually one ton pickups too.There are a few photos and descriptions of ane and a half tons built in the thirties.This has a frame approximately 8 1/2 feet long behind the cab.The truck also has an exhaust system all the way to the rear,gas filler thru the cab corner to an in frame tank,and an original underslung spare tire carrier under the rear of the frame,along with the full length runningboards.

I have read another article by Don Bunn that says that Dodge built One and a half ton pickups in this series from 39-42 only

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Guest imported_Bill-W

FL series Fargo trucks were built in the 1942 to 1947 period. 1941 Fargo trucks were FK models.

Your serial number, 9571xxx, should fall within the range 9571285 to 9571445 for a 1942 model. Model number for the FL-3 is T119E (as was the FK-3) and wheelbase sizes were 135" and 160". (FK-3 numbers were 9571001 to 9571284)


Vancouver, BC

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Well ,I have found out more about my truck.It is indeed a 1942,built in January of 42.I have tracked back a bit of it's history too.It was a 1.5 ton dually pickup,bought by a gold mine.I have found a picture of a 39 1.5 ton single wheel pickup,and a 46 1 ton dual wheel.The 1 ton duallys used a regular pickup rear fender with a spacer between it and the box side for additional width.I see the 1.5 ton rear fenders had a larger wheel opening than the 1/2 to 1 tons used. Now I just need those elusive 1.5 ton fenders !!!.I believe they were the 1.5 ton single wheel fenders with spacers like the 1 tons used.

Sure hope to find someone with info about these trucks!! I have joined the 39-47 forum.

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