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16v Leather Right Side


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Hey Alan,

As far as the condition of the leather is concerned. This was the first time I came accross his particular condition; The surface was completely covered with tiny shallow hairline cracks, that were showing brown(the underlying leather color). Treating the leather by soaking and heating thru 3 cycles seemed to close up the "pores" and make it much better. I think if I had it earlier in the season when there was more heat it would have done a more complete job; as it is, there are still some showing under careful scrutiny, some are still visible. That's why I think I should wait till next spring/summer to complete it.

This is country, and the only place to park the car out in the sun is the culdesac, road is macadam; but the surface is all sandy & gritty.(we take our shoes off when entering the house) Trees, Trees, & trees.. We don't get any sun till 9:AM that's when it gets over the trees. SOOO a little griton the carpets is -----.. lz

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