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Two 1971 GXS at local northeast Texas car show yesterday

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How often do you ever see ONE 1971 GSX? TWO of them showed up at a small town northeast Texas car show yesterday, both immaculately restored. One was a 4-speed, 455. Other one had a 350 in it--is the 350 correct for the GSX? Both were in super condition. Nice to see something besides Ford and Chevrolet at a small town Texas car show!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338



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Guest imported_Thriller


According to the sources I've looked at, the GSX package was available on either a GS or GS 455 car, so yes, you could get a GS with a 350 in '70 1/2 and '71.

I forget which year, but there was a car here badged as a GSX with a 350. I'm not sure whether or not it truly was a GS (I remember some folks talking with some doubt...this was a long time ago, back when I wasn't driving any Buicks).

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