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1929 Peerless FS in Canton, Ohio


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I found an ad for a 1929 Peerless on craigslist yesterday. Sale #: 891672172@craigslist.org . 4-Door Sedan, straight six engine, rear-mounted spare. Bought at an auction recently. Half-restored, partially disassembled. No rust, body still on frame & primered, all parts there, brakes & chassis redone. Engine turns, is on a pallet rather than in car. Comes w/ new set of ww tires still in wrappers and material for a new top insert. Car has wood-spoke wheels with a set of old tires still mounted. Contact owner, Clayton Schriner, by Phone: (330) 371-2889.

Peerless models sold in 1929 were the 6-61 { this had a 215 cu. in. Continental 6 }*, 6-81 { 248 cu. in. Continental 6 }, 6-91 { 289 cu. in. 6 built by Peerless **}, and 8-125 { 322 cu. in. Continental straight eight }. This is probably one of the first two, since the seller says it is a six and may be a Continental engine.

I talked to the owner by phone and he says that he MUST sell it by Friday (10/31/08) or he will take it to the local equipment auction that weekend: no storage, person he bought it for had his financing fall through. Price: $4,000.

I hope this information is helpful to someone interested in the car. This Peerless sounds interesting, but it's almost 2,000 miles away.

* These engine descriptions are "to the best of my knowledge", but I may be off on some of them.

** The 6-70, 6-72, 6-90, and 6-91 models had this engine 1924-1929.

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