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BCA Presence at Hershey?

Guest BJM

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Pete... wish I could have been there.

The Hershey BCA tent is something Buick club members look forward to visiting every year.

I think every Chapter should have a tent at a major show/swap meet in their area. Often one or two members already have a swap space, this could be expanded into two or three spaces, someone could provide shade, the Buick club members would have a place to stop and rest. Put up your club banner and hand out BCA applications and answer Buick questions.

This is a great way to add new members to both the BCA and your Chapter.

I would like to hear from chapters that already do this....

post them here or send me an email.

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Guest my3buicks

We walked around the tent reading the listings on the walls, had a cookie, and left without anyone speaking or even asking us if we where members or not. Stopped back later and signed the book.

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On a side note, is BCA membership trending up, staying even, or still going down. Avrage age? Has anyone done statistical research lately?

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Keith......not being there (this time) I'm guessing, some of the others there were like you...just passing through and/or resting.

Many time there are only one or two BCA members manning the tent and they are busy talking to someone, they don't stop to greet everyone that comes in.

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