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1978 Toronado 13 ORIGINAL MILES For Sale!

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I have a Toronado which was never sold by the purchasing dealer and stored for 30 years. The car has 13 original miles and is still sitting on the JR78-15 wide whites it came from GM with. I have all the documentation to support the mileage. I purchased three cars from the estate of a 45+ year exclusive Oldsmobile dealer and had them shipped to Oregon, where they have been carefully been checked and brought back to running condition. The Toronado Brougham is Black, with burgandy interior and a black top. I feel this car needs to be in a special place due to the fact that I think I can say it is the lowest mileage 78 Toronado in the world. (I don't know that for sure just that I have never seen another that low). This is the last of the full size Toronados and the car is beautiful. The only problem with the cars id some of the bright work is not perfect because of the cars location of storage so some of the plating will require re-work but I didn't want to do that I want the car to remain as the dealer had it. The car has been detailed and runs perfect. The other two cars are 77 Cutlass Supremes, both 403 posi cars. One with 7 miles,(white on burgandy) and the other with 13.7 miles (burgandy /burgandy)

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I must say I have not been able to nail down a value because there is no point of reference. I have had offers but they have been short of what I would like from the car. I have been thinking of taking it to one of the many auctions, but I would be open to offers. All can say is that any offer would have to be above 15k for me to consider them.

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