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(1941?) Packard lights(??) FOR SALE


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I came across a local gentleman that had a bunch of his father's 1941 Packard parts for sale, I was able to buy most of them for my '41 convert.

I came across these lights:


I don't know what they're for but I'm sure someone here knows and will make me a fair and honest offer on them if they need them. I'm pretty sure they are brand new but aftermarket. I can be reached at brian@gocamaro.com or please feel free to call me 416-460-4863, Thankss..

Brian Scoles.

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Yes, I back in the USA, I got laid off in June. I working on a barn addition first, then i can start playing with the Packards. i have all parts move up from California to Washington state now. but no place to sort through them yet. it a slow process

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