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Emblem restoration-chroming recommendations?

Phil Wimbish

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Guest imported_V12Bill

I had a post war emblem repaired and gold plated a few years back and I seem to recall paying $95. for the job. That was done by a plating shop that is not in business anymore.

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I know of only one company that can restore the enamel emblems, Emblemagic. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend them -- they are very expensive, the lead time is more than a *year*, and there is *no* guarantee that they will be correct when done. In fact, I had one that they failed to straighten before chroming. They admitted the mistake, but in essence said "too bad." Anyone know of another source?

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Guest palosfv3

Try Mark at the "Finishing Touch " here in Chicago. He plated a couple of cloisonee emblems on the Facel for me and they came out great. My problem with my emblems was that the chrome had weathered away. The Enamel was in good shape. It cost a couple of hundered dollars per emblem but the alternative was a place in Texas called "Black Barts" and they were more money and a longer turn time. Barts was the only place that completely restored emblems ( new chrome and enamel) but the cost was in excess of $500.00. Good chrome plating isnt cheap and is labor intensive for a properly done part.

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I had 3 emblems done by an artist in Calif. several

years ago. She had the vitreous glass ( I called it

closinea (sic) ) removed , new plating done and re

fired with glass . Costly but absolutley beautiful!

Her # 760--941- 1966 webb-- karlamaxwell@msn.com

she advetised in The Restoration Supply Co cat.

AS far as plateing , where you are located , drive it up

Harrisburg PA to Librandi's best chrome I havehad done,

and I have used a lot of companies. They will not do a

short cut job, their reputation depends on it. The rear

bumper and 2 guards cost about $650. I had good steel to

work with; no grinding ; the chrome plte top coat just

worn off after 25 years. good luck 86H760 Larry

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