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What is your favorite dashboard?

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I think the '65 Grand Prix and/or Bonneville with buckets and console dash is the best I have seen in a production car. Full woodgrain the whole way across, assist handle on right side, three chromed round instruments in the center tilted towards the driver. Console that meets the dash. The '66 had square instruments and clear plastic trim instead of woodgrain on the right side of the dash...really cheapened the whole effect IMHO. I don't like these dashes with A/C though, as it puts a big vent lump in the top of the middle of the panel.

I also like Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk panels with full instrumentation...first of the 'three plane' panels.


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Educate me. Why is that?

Because in a performance/sports car the most important instrument is the tach - not the clock! In race cars you sometimes see the Tach as three times the size of the other instruments.

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:cool: Sweeeeet !!!! Are we talk'n Corvettes ?? on the C4 do you like the 84-89 or 90 -94 dash ???? I go more for the 1990-94 curved style dash ... but that's just my opinion .... on my C5 the Heads-up display is waaaay cool !!! Have a GR8 weekend everyone .... Scotty :D

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