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Out for a Sunday drive


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That hurts!! I messed up our 2002 Regal, bumper taillight, trunk and some paint work. This person really nailed that car. They are good cars too!!!! Ya hate to see that on any Buick. Hope all works out for ya.

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I agree. The other guys insurance co supposedly agreed to cover the damages already and they see the car tomorrow.

But Doug had to take the car to his Allstate Rep first for an estimate. He told me the fellow assigned did not even want to open the front door and did not seem concerned about the twisted B Pillar. He said the front door could be straightened and the body side moulding on the rear door could be reused. He then took it to a place here in town that does excellent work and they immediately said the damage was 2K higher than the Allstate estimator claimed. Sure looks like you're in good hands with Allstate alright. Just be certain your wearing protection.

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