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1923 3/4 ton hack-- Draining and soldering float... any tips?

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I have a 1923 Dodge Bros. 3/4 ton Hack which has been garaged for a least 8 years. It purrs real nicely, but after a couple of runs, began to flood frequently. Eventually, I noticed fuel literally pouring out from the reservoir. It has an aftermarket fuel pump. After some investigation, I determined that the brass float in the reservoir had taken on enough fuel that it failed to float... which then caused the pump to not shut off. It filled via tiny hairline cracks running vertically on the outside surface of the float (none are more than 1/8").

I have spent many hours alternately heating the float (with a blow dryer), and then allowing it to cool, and then repeating. My thinking is that the process of the gas expanding and contracting will expedite the process of purging the float of the fuel so I can solder it, sealing the cracks. It has turned into a very tedious (though effective) process. I'm down to the last thimble full or so, but would like any tips on maybe completing it faster... any advice from more experienced mechanics than myself would be appreciated.

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