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? re generator overhaul in da '28

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Clean the whole generator first, then inspect and spin the commutator. If you don't have deep grooves, and the brushes don't bounce, just use VERY FINE emery board. The commutator segments should shine almost like polished copper.

USE NEW BRUSHES. This is the biggest beef I have when buying rebuilt stuff from the auto parts store. Nobody knows how old the brushes are, and as long as they last two years, who cares. New brushes are cheap. I get mine from a generator/starter rebuild shop (look in the yellow pages), right off their shelf. Bring in your old parts, and they will gladly help.

As stated in the other post, the best way to straighten out bad problems is with a lathe. They tool it true, then dress it shiny. If you can, adjust your brush holders to nearly touch the commutator segments. You can use a matchbook cover for a feeler gauge. It's about .013" or so.

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