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Error codes, IP problems etc,

Guest TheChevyHDMan

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Guest TheChevyHDMan

Being new to this car, I tried the code retrieval trick today and it doesnt work on my car.

I assume this is because the IP is not working properly? I have an error code with the 00. I removed the IP today and checked the connections, all clean and tight. I did notice since Saturday the key is extremely worn on the car. Which on quick research can also be a problem? Or is it the tumblers?

I ordered a new key today and will get it tommorrow. To see if that helps. Are their any tests to positively confirm that I need a new IP before I go out and spend big bucks?

Thanks for your help.

I am still trying to decide if this car is worth the effort to get into shape. Between the top, needed body work, the complete neglect of previous owner, Im in a pickle



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