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1926 Big Six- Steering Wheel

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As you may know by now I'm rebuilding a 1926 Studebaker Big Six / Bickle fire engine. The first phase of the restoration is almost complete thanks to everyone on this site.

I need help again! I'm looking for a wooden steering wheel for our truck. If anyone has one in good shape and they are willing to sell it please let me know.

Failing that, if anyone has a 1926 Studebaker and they are willing to photograph their steering wheel and email me the pictures at allen_scott@sympatico.ca it would be greatly appreciated. If you could provide the dimentions as well this will assist me in reproducing the steering wheel.

Thanks in advance


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Attached is a photo of my 1928 Studebaker Commander Big 6 wheel for reference. I can't verify whether the 1926 and 28 versions are alike. It is 17" outside diameter and rim is about 1-5/16 or 1-3/8 diameter.



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