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Local A & W cruise

Guest norb

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The Car people in Michigan have not detered their cruises or just running around town from what I have seen, a '60's Dodge PU I saw going down the road on the way home tonight, I've seen more older cars just running around town this year than ever before, every day it is nice weather the corvettes, pontiacs, chevies of all types trucks and cars, a few new Buicks, saw a '61 2 door lesabre go by in Pontiac on Walton Rd at lunch time yesterday while at the King, Burger King!

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Guest imported_Thriller

F for the paint code Bill? If so, one day it would be nice to put yours and mine together to compare colour. Of course, if they don't match, I'll just harumph and remind everyone that my car is a Canadian car with a different colour (in name at least) grin.gifwink.gif

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