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1965 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance.. might have to sell..

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I have been herassed by the city to do something with my Bonne Ambulance.. i REALLY dont want to get rid of this car but am limited on where i can store it.. they have limits here and regulations.. dont have room in the garage due to my GTA being in body repair and paint and engine rebuild stage..

if anyone is interested in more info let me know... its got a 421BB Pontiac with airgap intake and does not run at this time but wouldnt take much to run.. it turns over and wants to start but no spark.. was tulsa speedways ambulance for most of its life and i still have registration forms and info on it.. was told it was rare but you guys would know more than me...

$1500 OBO.. need to get as much as possible due to money invested and parts.. but cash talks.. its in the Leavenworth Kansas Area..

thank you for your time..

i have pics upon request


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