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55 special speedo question


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My speedo doesn't work at present and I was looking for a replacement but I am finding speedos for sale that are different to mine.

Are there 2 different types of Speedos for a 55 Special?

I have seen some avertised as 55 special speedos that have a red or yellow needle


but mine is like this with no needle and has "BUICK" at the bottom and certainly original.


Can anyone enlighten me about the speedo with the needle (54 maybe?)

And finally........as mine doesn't work at present...........how does this style operate?

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The speedo with the needle is the base standard speedo for the special. The one with the trip odometer was standard on the Century and optional on the Special. The second speedo has a disc instead of a needle and a red line is exposed as speed increases.

Usually if the speedo is inoperative it is the cable. The units will become inaccurate or noisy but will still "work'.


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