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1936 Buick Modle 80 Tailpipe hiss & spit


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I wrote in last week about my 36 Buick Model 80 that has a rough idle-or as the 1937 era repair manual calls "tail pipe spit" Rechecked the carb and valve adjustments again,tried another carb, got some NOS points with the big contact surfaces at Hershey and installed them-also found in the 37 era manual a footnote to set plug gaps to .030 vs .024 for cars with tail pipe hiss/spit. I did that and the car ran MUCH better but still the "spit'-thats the term in the catalog.Condensor is new and of the correct capacity. The vacum gauge test shows steady 18-20 lb manifold pressure except the needle blips when the spit ocurs-not at any regular interval. Spark plugs are not running a tan/brown color but rather a soft sooty black. I've timed the cars distributor by ear-I put a timing light on it tonight and noticed the timing marks on the flywheel are nowhere near lining up as shown in the manual and when I rotate the distributor towards the radiator (front of car) in order to line up the marks then the car runs awful and really spits. I now suspect maybe the distributor has been out at one time and is off a tooth. I really think it is ignition related-what a big difference changing the gap on the plugs made. Anybody suggest another plug other than the Autolite 386 suggested by NAPA. or any retro fit latter model distributors or even a Pertronix set up. Thanks in advance

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