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Packards on the road


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I had the unusual and delightful experience today of driving around town and happening to come across a CCCA CARavan. (Now, on one hand, it's annoying: I wanted to do a CARavan this year after joining the CCCA last year and I didn't realize one was scheduled locally! But let's forget that part.)

It began when I was driving along a scenic road in Northern VA and happened upon a gorgeous 1933 Marmon Roadster. I could barely believe my eyes, so I followed it for a few miles just because I couldn't help myself. Eventually I turned around and started to head back, and I crossed a 1936 Packard senior convertible sedan and what looked like a 1930 Packard phaeton all within a minute or two later. What a delight to see them on the road! I ended up going home and getting my packard to see if I could find the rest of the CARavan, but I didn't have any luck. (I now have the schedule, though, and may meet up with them tomorrow.....)

Talk about luck...

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