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interior for 1946 linc cont coupe

Guest rushtona

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Guest rushtona

I'm trying to redo the interior for my 46 cont coupe. I just want vinyl or cloth. Any idea at what I'm looking at for cost? Also, the back seat is missing - should I have a new one made or try to find something to replace it? From where? Other late 40s continentals?

Anyone else make rug kits besides Boos/Herrel? Prices?

Again, I just want something to take my kids in on the wknd- not necesaarily original/numbers matching. -Drew

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Back seat in coupe has a pull down arm rest that could only be found in a delux interior Zephyr coupe or sedan or continental coupe. The seat may need to be made more narrow for a Continental coupe.

I think I bought a rug kit for the trunk from an outfit in Florida by the name of Kepich. I don't have the address, but check the classifieds on this site or check through Hemmings.

As to cost, you get what you pay for. The average Continental starts at about $6,000 and goes up from there depending on leather or vinyl and details required.

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