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1941 Packard Clipper question


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I have owned a '41 Clipper for several years. I took the body to a restorer in Washington State to have the body prepped and painted. The restorer and my Packard have since disappeared and I would like help finding the car.

The license # is LZF324 and the vin. # 14013576. Any help in locating the car would be appreciated.

Thanks Bill

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Did you record the Thieft Proof number? That is the large embossed number on the firewall. All the other numbers can be removed or changed, but this one is pretty much going to stay the same no matter what happens to the car.

Every Packard owner should keep this number with their records and also the engine number.

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So all the shop had was the frame and the body? You may want to call around some of the scrap yards and ask them if they rememeber seeing it. With the cost of scrap metal today, it could have been sold for scrap. Hopefully not!

When was the last time you saw it? Have the police tracked down the shop owner? Was it insured?

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