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Full sized Buick 15" Rallye rims


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I was hoping to use my set of 69 Riviera Chrome Rallye rims for the disc brakes on the 78 Estate Wagon I just procured. But I found out the hub on the 78 needs a 3" center hole, while the centering rings on these chrome wheels has a 2 3/4" opening.

Being pressed for time and finances I was thinking of just removing the centering rings. These wheels are fair quality but nothing to brag about, so altering them in this manner is not a big deal to me. But my concern is would I be weaking the wheel to remove this center ring?

I'd appreciate anyone's advice on this, and thanks for your help.

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These are often missing and I haven't got any problem with them...

But the 1969 wheels won't accept the 1978 center caps unless you modify them as the center cap hole is too big on the 1966-70 wheels.

I have seen a few early seventies Buicks with pre-1971 Buick rims and it didn't seem to cause problems. They stand out 1/2" compared to the 1978 wheels but that shouldn't cause problems.

The sixties wheels are a bit rarer than the 1971 and newer wheels. If you care about having the correct center caps, I'd look for these first.

There are also larger 15X7 wheels that were available in the late seventies. Just like the 1971 and newer 15X6 wheels, they also have the correct 2" hole for your car's center caps but they are harder to find.

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Thanks for the replies. Being under a tight time constraint I decided that I would use the 1985 Estate Wagon aluminum rims that I've been holding onto for 14 years. My neighbor has an 87 Chevrolet wagon, and my NAPA friend told me the cars had the same front rotor/hubs, so I tried the chrome wheels on that car and the hub is so different than the 69 Electra's that I decided it was not worth chopping out that ring. I had always intended to use these chrome rims on the Electra once it was painted.

I put the rims back in the shed for now.

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