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16v No Cal Mo Pics #2

Guest LouZ

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I tried 4 more pics; but it kept having a fatal error on #3 so here is just 2..

Hemi did all the work in the engine compartment, I have some more to do, then I'll detail it.

I did not take any "before" pics; but if you look at all the leather grain cracks that now show up kinda black. Picture them all light brown/tan The leather is all sun baked. Not cardboard hard, still plenty pliable but so sun baked that all the natural grain lines have opened just enough to show the natural brown/tan leather color.

What you see now is after the first real soaking wet coat that I put on with a sponge brush and work it in real good with my fingers then lay on a wet cover coat over the bad dry areas. That was done yesterday, then it was parked all closed up in the sun for 5-6 hrs. left overnight to bake again today. More pics will follow..



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