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16v from No Cal Pictures #1


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When the car arrived, I noticed the Rolls Royce that was carried above it on the carrier leaked gear oil all over the hard top and then rear window. It had collected in the rear window seam/channel I immediately washed the car and used my electric (low pressure) washer to rinse it off. I also finished with a good soak with "Simple Green" and pressure washed that off. After it dried I could see the paint was dirty and needed a good fine compounding.(it had that grey haze in the paint)

This morning over coffee I got a brainstorm to use some old fashioned cleaner/polish on it. I had some old "Rain Dance" you know that stuff that had compound mixed in that had to be shaken up real good. I used that while the car was still wet with Dew and rubbed the **** ot of it. Whew.. Came out real good. Then washed it with "Blue Coral" car wash. and dried it off.. By that time yhe sun was over the trees so I took the Pictures.. More to follow I'll probably wax it tomorrow.





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